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Awesome place to take your children.
Vanessa the office manager is very polite and very knowledgeable about the care of the children at Kids R Kids. The curriculum director "Mrs Cynthia" was also very helpful and knowledgeable. Awesome place to take your children.
Rene F.
Mrs. Kelly is an amazing teacher!
You are an amazing teacher (Mrs. Kelly) and your students are super lucky to have you ! You have blessed and enriched so many lives !!!
Danielle G.
Infant Care
My daughter is enrolled in the infant program at the Kids R Kids on Westridge Blvd. in McKinney. She was in a home day care prior to starting with the school and it was not a good experience for us. She cried all the time and I couldn`t understand why. I was even told by the baby sitter that she was not a happy baby. I soon learned that she was not being fed properly and not getting the attention that she deserved. After just one day of being at Kids R Kids, I had a different baby. She is so happy now and never crying when I drop her off or pick her up. It is so refreshing when I drop her off in the morning and see Ms Duretta and Ms Lucille, as well as when I pick her up in the evenings seeing Ms. Sara and Ms. Katie. I could not have asked for a better facility to send my precious baby to. Thank you so much for giving me my happy baby back that I new I had!
Infant Room Parent - TX
Impressed by everything!
I walked into Kids R Kids without an appointment after recently relocating to the McKinney area. I was greeted warmly and given a very thorough tour of the school by the Director, Bethany Liles. The staff were engaged with the kids and the facility is a must see! It is clean, bright and ready for kids to have a great experience. I have two children and one with a food allergy. I was so impressed by their food policy that I knew his allergy would not be a concern here. The school is committed to learning with a computer lab and new SMART Board technology, I was wowed! I returned to the school the next day with my children and husband and Bethany was in the middle of a corporate visit, she still took the time to show my family the school, we all really liked what we saw and knew this was the place for us. We have been going to "school" for four years now, Kid R Kids is at the top of my list! You wont find a "daycare" here, this is an organization that promotes education, safety and positive direction. You will see that in the staff who invite you to join their school! I can`t wait for Monday when my kids start in their new "school".
Shannon Slade - TX
Thank You
I have been with Kids R Kids since July 2008. I remember the first time I dropped my son off the first day I cried and felt like someone was ripping a hole out of my stomach, wishing I could afford to stay home with him, feeling like all new moms feel, and thinking “how can I leave my child at a daycare?” Well the first day Ms. Lucille greeted me and hugged me as I was crying, and asked me if she could love on our son as if he was her own grandbaby. Well of course, what mom doesn’t want their child loved on. I watched the monitors every day all day for the first week. I called with questions and Ms Lucille, Ms Duretta, and Ms Ashley (now in 150) would gladly talk to me for my concerns as I was new mom. I think I was the true helicopter parent in the first few rooms. But they still treated me with warmth and never made me feel bad for asking questions or little specifications I would have for my child. I also made friends with mom’s in that room during that room. As my son got older and moved on to new rooms, I would walk by and wave at Ms Lucille and Ms Duretta, and stop to say hello. In 2010, I stopped in and was able to tell them that they would be seeing me again, as we were expecting our 2nd. And I could not imagine anyone else other than them watching my sweet new baby. When my 2nd arrived, I cried when I dropped her off, as I did with the first, but this time around, there is so much comfort I do not even watch the monitors during the day. I feel at peace with those wonderful ladies watching my sweet baby girl. They are such loving and patient people. And Ms Duretta has made me laugh and smile from the beginning. Ms Sara and Ms Dianne have been great additions to the infant room. Ms Sara, had worked in the afternoons in my son’s 18 month room. And I just loved how she would take time to tell me little things he had done during the day. She has been so loving to both of my kids now. Ms Dianne just recently came on as an afternoon caregiver in the infant room. She treats my sweet baby as if she is her own grandbaby. My son, now turning 3 has learned so much. I love the fact the rooms are grouped by 6 months, as I feel there is a huge difference between a 1 year old and 6 month old. The more my son grew there, the more impressed I was. He learned sign language as a baby, and now Spanish as a toddler. I love the fact there are different activities he can partake in, “flippers”, music class, and stretch and grow. He has had a few of the same friends since he started in the infant room, the moms and I too have become good friends. We have had some wonderful teachers and friends. My son’s birthday is coming up and 2 of his friends were with him in the infant room from the start. So we have been able to see our children grow together.
The Lung Family - TX
Teacher Recognition
I usually write a letter to the teachers in the room that Sophia leaves, but it completely slipped my mind! I wanted to recognize the teachers in Suite 250 & I hope that you will pass this on to them. Miss Chi, Miss Alejandra & Miss Net have all been awesome. They are all super friendly and I enjoyed talking to them when I picked Sophia up each evening. I always felt comfortable with them and they always were interacting with the kids when I would watch online. I appreciated Miss Net doing Sophia`s hair - she can do it better than me! And Miss Chi was always in a great mood and was very patient with the children when I was in there. All 3 teachers had sunny dispositions and I will miss seeing them each day. I didn`t have as much interaction with Miss Alejandra as she would be gone by the time I got there, but the few times that I did get to see her, she was very friendly and good with Sophia. Sophia has been blessed to have great teachers ever since she started in Suite 100 @ 3 months old & I am thankful that I can count on KRK to hire such wonderful staff. Please pass this on to Suite 250 and tell them that I said "hi"!
Courtney Rangel - TX
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