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Frisco Play Based Learning

Did you know that Frisco play based learning schools offer a variety of advantages for your kids? Kids need to play in order to gain critical social and academic schools – and Kids R Kids is one of the premier options for parents searching for a play based learning schools center in Frisco TX.

Located just down the street in nearby McKinney, our facility offers a carefully crafted curriculum in play based learning in Frisco TX, allowing your child to reach milestones while engaging in highly structured play environments. Not sure if this approach is right for your family?

Come by for a visit today - we will be happy to show you our Kids R Kids Frisco play based learning center and introduce you to our staff.


How Frisco play based learning schools benefit our students

The curriculum for our play based learning schools center in Frisco TX is based on the work of renowned author and child psychologist Jean Piaget. We create hands-on learning environments for kids of all ages so they can explore and discover the fascinating elements of the world around them. These stations and activities include:

·      The latest technology, books and computers to get started in tech early in life

·      Creative stations for drawing, drama, painting and other engaging art projects

·      Field trips on school holidays

·      Science and discovery stations

·      Enrichment and social exploration for kids of all ages

We know just how important it is for your child to grow up with a comprehensive, solid background in the fundamentals of socializing – and that is why we offer the structure that has been proven by so many other Frisco play based learning schools. Let us show you just how much your child can benefit from our supportive, engaging system. Contact us today to learn more! We’d love to have you in to our cutting-edge learning center.

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