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McKinney Child Care: Two fun-filled craft activities for your child

Posted on 01-08-2015


Today there are so many fun activities and games for infants and toddlers that it can often be quite difficult to find something that will entertain and teach and be something your child will love. Fortunately, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of McKinney, Texas, provides you with ideas and inspiration about some fun activities that you and your child can enjoy around the house.

Idea 1: Cut-out stories

This is a unique idea. Prepare a diverse set of printed out images that your child can then color, or you can have your child tear out pictures from magazines. Encourage him or her to cut these images out to make unique cut-out-stories. These stories are better than reading books because each time the story is different and this allows your child to explore new concepts and ideas at a comfortable pace.

Idea 2: Growing plant-pets

This idea is also quite unique because it blends toys and pets into one. For this activity you will need grass seed, a stocking, some sawdust, and accessories that can be made to look like eyes, a nose, a mouth and legs. Once these are gathered, fill the stocking with a mixture of the sawdust and seeds, and tie up the open end. Then use the accessories to make a nose and mouth, etc. on the stocking. Add a bit of water to the stocking and in a few days, the seeds within the sawdust should start growing. This will become a living pet that your child can feed on a daily basis.

We encourage you to come up with your own unique ideas. Just remember that any activity can be made fun with a little bit of motivation and imagination.

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