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Protecting Your Preschooler's Skin in the Summer Sun

Posted on 06-12-2015 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of West McKinney

School’s out all across the nation, which means summer is IN! Summertime always brings with it a lot of fun activities, family vacations, and late nights staying up to chase fireflies! It also means staying safe in the summer heat becomes a primary concern for many parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Protecting your child from the sun’s UV rays is an important element of enjoying the outdoors during the hot summer months.

Letting your child have fun outdoors during the summer is a great idea! There are many benefits to soaking in the sun’s rays such as absorbing vitamin D3 and getting great exercise. Many children have so much fun outdoors they don’t notice when their skin is feeling burned, which is why it’s important as a parent or caregiver, to pay attention to your child’s outdoor activities.

Here are some helpful steps to enjoy your fun in the sun without any unwanted consequences!

1.If you plan to be in the sun for a long period of time such as at a park or an outdoor birthday party, always wear light clothing to cover your skin as well as sunscreen.

2.Be aware of the type of sunscreen you use. Many popular sunscreens contain chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your child’s skin. Look for non-mineral sunscreen that uses zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. These more natural sunscreens do not dissolve in sunlight, are not usually absorbed into the body and are overall more effective at blocking UV rays.

3.Eat a diet high in anti-oxidants to protect your skin. Great snacks to bring along when spending time in the sun include: cranberries or blueberries, pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts. All of these snacks are rich in antioxidants.

4.Keep track of how long your child’s skin has been exposed to the sun. Too much time in the sun may mean the sunscreen is no longer protecting the skin. Pay attention to any sign of skin problems and seek shade to better protect your child’s skin.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West McKinney always takes your child’s safety very seriously. We take extra precautions in all of our programs to ensure every infant, toddler, or preschooler is safe and nurtured. Our commitment to your child goes above and beyond an average daycare or childcare facility. One example of this is the rigorous training we require of our staff – each member is trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness. Teachers are also encouraged to further their education through CDA and CCP programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training conferences.Contact us today to find out how we can serve your family!

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