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The Benefits of Infant Childcare

Posted on 10-08-2014 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of West McKinney


Placing your baby in a daycare environment provides them with several opportunities for growth and development. The stimulating, age-appropriate programs offered at a high-quality childcare center enable your child to develop social and emotional skills while sharpening their creative and cognitive abilities.

The trained teaching teams at daycare centers are also highly-qualified to offer care for the students in their classrooms. At Kids ‘R’Kids Learning Academy of West McKinney, all of our staff members are certified in CPR, First-Aid and SIDS prevention. If you are anxious about placing your child in daycare, we encourage you to take a tour of the center and ask a lot of questions. Any childcare center that is operating a clean, secure, and educational facility will be glad to address your concerns.

Another childcare option for your baby would be to hire an in-home provider or nanny. This option is often more expensive but may be a good fit for you if you feel more comfortable with your child being in a familiar environment. Something to consider with an individual provider however, is if they are somehow unavailable due to sickness or travel you will need to have some kind of backup plan for your child’s care. In a childcare center, with many teachers you can be assured that your child will always have someone who is trained and qualified to care for them.

If you’re new to the area or find yourself needing childcare for the first time and are not sure what the best fit would be for your child, ask other moms! Anytime you are out at a park or in the grocery store and come in contact with other moms, feel free to ask them what they know about area childcare centers or in-home providers. Moms are usually very willing to share their experience and wisdom with other moms, whether they’ve had a good or bad relationship with their childcare providers! You can also ask your pediatrician or family doctor for recommendations on care.

Finding care for your child can be a daunting decision but at the end of the day it is entirely up to you as the parent to make a choice that suits your needs the best. We would love for you to contact us and take a free tour of our state-of-the-art facility as you do your research. We are confident that our quality staff team, exclusive curriculum, and secure online viewing for parents in each classroom, are all factors that will contribute to your peace of mind as a parent!

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